Mets security went to Matt Harvey’s apartment to check up on him

Oh yes, there is so much more to this Matt Harvey suspended by the Mets story than we all may have initially thought.

Harvey didn’t show up to the ballpark on Saturday night, resulting in a three game suspension. He was not made aware of this punishment and showed up to the ballpark on Sunday when he was supposed to start… and he was sent home.

We knew all this. But, what we didn’t know was that the Mets sent people, security people, to visit Harvey at his apartment on Saturday night at around 10 PM, according to FanRag’s Jon Heyman. Harvey answered the door in his pajamas.

Now, were these security guys sent to Harvey’s apartment out of concern for his health, or to make sure that he really was ill (well, suffering from a migraine)? Heyman notes that Harvey was surprised by this visit. He felt as though his team was checking up on him to see if he actually was suffering from the headache he claimed to have. Meanwhile, a source close to the team claims that they were checking up on Harvey out of concern, to see if he was okay, as he hadn’t answered many messages.

Well, they do say that there are three sides to every story, but what’s the third side here?

Harvey did file a grievance against the Mets, so we know how strongly he feels about this situation. But, this season seems to be  filled with so much miscommunication between the Mets and their players. For instance, there was Steven Matz publically saying he had a strained flexor tendon meanwhile the Mets were not made aware of this diagnosis. Then there was the Mets telling Noah Syndergaard to get an MRI and him refusing and saying he was fine to make his next start. We all know how that turned out. These are just two recent examples, also involving starting pitchers.

Harvey is claiming to have texted Dan Warthen that he was sick with the worst headache of his life and couldn’t make it to the park. Sources close to the Mets are saying that the texts were actually initiated by Warthen. However, both sides (well, people close to Harvey) admit that Harvey did not text until after the 3 PM cutoff notice.

There is quite a lot going on here. There’s quite a lot miscommunication. And there’s quite a lot of mistrust, especially if security was sent to Harvey’s apartment to see if he actually was ill. This is not a healthy relationship.

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