Mets didn’t know about Steven Matz’s diagnosis

Over the weekend it was revealed that Mets doctors were in fact not the ones to diagnose the Mets starter with a strained flexor tendon.

According to Bob Klapisch of the Bergen Record, Mets officials are trying to figure out who in fact made this diagnosis of Steven Matz suffering from a strained flexor tendon.

Well, that sounds a bit weird, no?

One person “with knowledge of Matz’s care” stated that the Mets doctors found nothing wrong with him. Kalpisch goes on to say that team is “frustrated and flummoxed.” They don’t know when he’s going to be able to pitch again, and they don’t even know what’s actually going on with him.

That sounds a bit weirder, right? From this entire article from Klapisch, it basically sounds like the Mets and Matz aren’t communicating — which is obviously not only weird, but concerning as well. I mean, just this past Wednesday Mets GM Sandy Alderson said that it did not appear as though Matz had a specific injury. Shouldn’t a team be on the same page as one of their players? You would think so…

The Mets are hoping that Matz will return next month, but again, they really don’t know for sure. Alderson is however worried about his young pitcher:

“It’s worrisome that he continues to be injured off and on. That’s the difficulty. We don’t think it’s serious. On the other hand, starting pitchers are relied on every five days. I’m not sure exactly where this is going to take us.”

It is worrisome. And it’s worrisome that the team isn’t entirely sure what’s going on with him as well.

Last week, Matz spoke to the media, which is where he personally revealed that he had been diagnosed with a strained flexor tendon in his pitching elbow. He has been on the disabled list since before the season even began, however, at that point it was just thought of as “elbow irritation.”

The original plan was for Matz to rest his arm and not start throwing again until the end of April. We still have a couple of weeks to see what’s actually going on. But, in the meantime, it’s now making even more sense as to why the Mets have been looking at Doug Fister.