Mets: Zack Wheeler is most underrated player in fantasy baseball

LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 19: Zack Wheeler
LOS ANGELES, CA - JUNE 19: Zack Wheeler /

The Mets had every opportunity to trade away Zack Wheeler in July. They didn’t because they saw greatness in him. That applies to fantasy baseball too.

If you play fantasy baseball, then you might want to take a look at Zack Wheeler. The odds that he’s already owned in your league are pretty low, despite his good numbers over these last few weeks.

On ESPN, the New York Mets pitcher is owned in just 42 percent of all leagues. Since the All-star break, he’s been on fire. Over the course of three games, he’s given up just two earned runs over 20 innings and allowed just 15 hits and walks.

In fantasy terms, he’s scored 20 points in his first game since the break, 26 in his second, and 33 against the Braves. You can read up more on my fantasy scoring here.

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33 points in one start is brilliant, the kind of score that Corey Kluber and Max Scherzer get every few starts. Even Jacob deGrom hasn’t cracked a 30 point performance in his last ten starts. (Though actually earning wins might have been enough to reach 30 in three of his starts.)

Saturday night, Kluber was the only pitcher to score more than Wheeler, with 36 points thanks to his complete game shutout. In his last start on July 29th, he had the 4th best pitching performance of the day.

For the season, Wheeler has scored the 4th most points among all Mets players with 233. He is less than 30 points behind both Michael Conforto and Brandon Nimmo.

Wheeler entered Saturdays game with a 4.11 ERA but that number wasn’t a real representation of how good he’s been. While he most likely won’t have another 30 point start this season, he should be able to stay consistent and have a few more really good starts down the road.

He’s un-owned in every other league and if you’re a Mets fan playing fantasy baseball, you should think about picking him up before everyone else does.

Since the start of July, he’s averaged 18 points per game. 18 points per game is really good and that’s including two poor starts weighted in. By comparison, since June 23rd, deGrom averaged 18.8 points per start.

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It’s entirely possibly for Wheeler to stay consistent and average 15 points per start the rest of the way, which would put him as a top 30 pitcher in all of baseball and that would help out your team a lot.