Predicting what the Mets rotation will look like after the trade deadline

Starting pitching has let the Mets down all season. Will they make any drastic changes?
New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds / Dylan Buell/GettyImages

After a truly disastrous June, the New York Mets are looking for a sense of direction.

With the trade deadline around the corner, this team has some tough decisions to face about how they plan to proceed with the remainder of the season. One major point of contention, the starting pitching, is an area that many fans expect the team to address.

With just one month to go until the deadline, here’s what the Mets starting rotation should look like come August 1st.

Max Scherzer will still be the ace of the Mets after the deadline

Much has been made recently about Max Scherzer being traded away this season. If the Mets are serious about contenting in 2024, they shouldn’t entertain the thought of it.

Despite early season struggles, Mad Max has still been a core piece of this Mets team. He has a 7-2 record on the season, allowed two or less runs in seven of his last nine appearances. While he isn't the same pitcher he was in the past, he is still capable of dominating on the mount.

There are certainly concerns surrounding Scherzer, considering he will be nearly 40 for next season. Regardless, that will be the last year of his contract, and trades would not return good value. Expect the Scherzer talks to quiet down as the deadline approaches.

Justin Verlander is improving and should remiain #2 for the Mets

Just about everything said about Scherzer you can say about Verlander as well. The injuries are a concern, but the Mets would almost certainly lose value in a trade.

Despite this, Verlander has still shown flashes of brilliance since his return. He threw 7 innings against the Giants yesterday, only allowing 1 unearned run. His ERA has shrunk from 4.85 to 3.66 across his past four starts.

Once again, if the Mets consider themselves to be contenders next season, they have no reason to move Verlander. Fans can fully expect them to ride out this season with this duo.

Kodai Senga will continue his rookie season with the Mets as their #3 option

No surprises here, Senga has arguably been the Mets best starting pitcher all season. He has
certainly been their most consistent; he has a 3.53 ERA, and his ghost forkball has continued to fool hitters all season.

The biggest knocks on Senga have been his control and issues with rest, but those stand to improve as he gains experience. Regardless, there is no reason the Mets should trade him, so he's here to stay.

Jose Quintana should make his Mets debut this season as the #4 starter

This Mets 2023 rotation could’ve looked lot different if Quintana didn’t miss the first months due to injury.

Quintana was injured before the season even started, and the Mets starting pitching depth was tested as a result. They failed in dramatic fashion; options like Tylor Megill and David Peterson have yet to provide the consistency that the Mets have needed.

When he returns, there’s no doubt that he’ll be in the Mets rotation instantly. He shined after last seasons deadline with a 2.01 ERA; the Mets are hoping he’ll do the same for them.

Mike Vasil should get his shot in the MLB as the 5th starter for the Mets

Regardless of what the Mets do at the deadline, they have to at least see what prospect Mike Vasil can do for them.

Carlos Carrasco has struggled mightily all season, posting a 5.94 ERA. Even if he isn’t traded, he is a free agent next year and the Mets need to look to move on.

Meanwhile, Vasil was just recently called up to Syracuse after impressing in Double A to start the year. He has struggled through three starts in Triple A, so expect the Mets to give him a few more starts before he gets the call.

With a limited amount of starting pitchers in their farm system, Vasil represents the Mets best chance of pitching for the future. Even if they try and finish the year strong, it’s hard to imagine Vasil would be worse than whoever they've had in the 5th slot.