If Max Scherzer is willing to waive his no-trade clause, these 3 teams need to call the Mets

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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Max Scherzer is a popular player all of a sudden with the latest New York Mets rumors suggesting he could waive his no-trade clause.

It’s not the ending he signed up for upon joining the Mets ahead of the 2022 season. Scherzer came here to win with a second franchise following his long-awaited World Series title with the Washington Nationals in 2019. Who else feels like that was a lifetime ago?

The more the team from Queens fails, the more Mets rumors about where Scherzer could get traded will fester. To take a tip from Anthony DiComo, it may be weeks before the trade deadline but already these three clubs appear to need and have the assets to take on Scherzer most.

1) NY Mets rumors: The Reds need a pitcher like Max Scherzer in the rotation

The Cincinnati Reds are probably going to win the National League Central with the littlest amount of help from the front office. This club was built to be better than it was last year but they’ve suddenly become a whole lot better than anyone could have imagined. The starting pitching is one of their weaknesses. They could use an arm like Scherzer’s.

The Reds are a destination because they check off the boxes. The need exists. They have the payroll space. They have enough prospect capital to convince the Mets to make the move. The Mets aren’t in any desperate situation where they must trade Scherzer away. Unless someone is willing to give them good player, they might as well eat the money and try again next year with a better-built roster around him.

Scherzer has been less than expected, but he’s hardly the biggest problem with the 2023 season.

The likeliness of the Reds doing this, however, seems slim. Despite having a player option for next season, Scherzer is a one-year piece because of his age and how much he has fallen off this year. Still a capable starting pitcher for a hopeful contender, the Reds are better off finding a guy like Luis Castillo. Any chance the Seattle Mariners trade him back to the Reds?

The 5.88 ERA by Reds starts ranks 28th in MLB. They need a mega-boost.