3 giant Mets decisions for Steve Cohen becoming easier with each loss

Arizona Diamondbacks v New York Mets
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Each time the New York Mets take a loss, it’s a little easier for Steve Cohen to make a rash decision. He has stayed away from being a George Steinbrenner since purchasing the Mets. Other than sending out the occasional tweet about the OPS numbers not lying, he has been supportive of many of the coaches, players, and other personnel.

As the losses continue to pile up, the now 35-42 Mets are giving Cohen even more reason to come to a couple of conclusions. Underachievement doesn’t do this year’s Mets justice. They’re underachievers if they’re finishing at .500. This year’s club is well below that margin.

Some brutal recent Mets losses have made a few giant decisions Cohen will have to decide on much easier. They’re not all about doing a roundhouse kick to the coaching staff either.

1) The NY Mets coaching staff could be cleared out from Buck Showalter down to the bottom

But we do begin with going Jean-Claude Van Damme on every Mets coach. From Buck Showalter to whoever the lowest ranking coach getting a paycheck from Cohen happens to be, they all need to be gone.

The Mets overhauled the coaching staff prior to bringing in Showalter. One of the few holdovers, Jeremy Hefner, seems to have lost the ability to connect with players like he did before. Is it on him or are the Mets pitchers struggling through the season most to blame? If you want to blame the players, it raises a secondary question of why have Hefner around at all if he’s not making a difference for anyone.

Similar statements could be said about hitting coach Jeremy Barnes who doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference with anyone. Has there been a single Mets player who hasn’t slumped at one point this year at the plate?

Firing Showalter would be a huge step for the Mets to make after this season or even before it’s over. It seemed like the 2022 campaign was a step in the right direction with Showalter captaining the ship in perpetuity. It turns out he might not stay around as long as it once seemed.

Every loss, especially the ones the Mets are experiencing over the last week-plus, seem to have Showalter eating at least a part of the blame.