3 more players the Mets could trade even if they decide to be trade deadline buyers

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The New York Mets are one of those teams who feel like sellers but the expectations of the team have many of us convinced there’s a chance they buy instead. What if, as Adrian Cervantes wrote, they do a little of both?

The Mets are no strangers to buying and selling. They acquired AJ Ramos in 2017 from the Miami Marlins while subtracting from the roster. In 2019, Jason Vargas was sent to the Philadelphia Phillies only a few days after acquiring Marcus Stroman. We can even go back to 1977 and consider the Joel Youngblood addition more of a buyer’s move.

It is possible to do them both. And even if the Mets are planning to subtract payroll and bodies from their roster, these three should be under consideration to change uniforms. Consider 

1) NY Mets should consider trading Omar Narvaez even if they’re buying

Omar Narvaez has become an expensive backup catcher on the Mets roster. It’s not so much his fault as much as it is the circumstances around the position. Narvaez got hurt early on in the year and his injury allowed the Mets to give Francisco Alvarez his chance to thrive behind the plate. Alvarez has been a better choice for the Mets out of the catcher spot. If it’s possible to get something of use back in return for Narvaez, they should flip him regardless of what their full trade deadline plans are.

The Mets don’t have a great need to carry Narvaez and Alvarez on the same roster unless one is going to routinely be the designated hitter. This isn’t something they’ll be capable of unless they carry a third catcher. That has its own warts.

Narvaez has a player option for next season which, at this point, looks like something he’d use. It’s hard to tell because of how little he has played thus far this season. The Mets don’t need to have Narvaez around again next season to be the backup to Alvarez. It’s not a horrible plan yet it feels like a waste if all he’s going to do is start twice a week.