Grading a hypothetical Mets trade with the Brewers involving Max Scherzer

What grade does this hypothetical Max Scherzer trade deserve for both teams?
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies / Tim Nwachukwu/GettyImages

Max Scherzer’s name won’t get out of the mouth of anyone who has access to New York Mets rumors. The idea of him potentially becoming willing to waive his no-trade clause has made Scherzer a hot commodity in hypothetical trades including one from Bleacher Report’s Kerry Miller.

The timing is fun because the Mets and Brewers are playing each other this week. What kind of a haul could the Mets possible get in return for one of their veteran aces?

In this hypothetical trade, Scherzer goes to the Brewers for their number four prospect, Jacob Misiorowski. A 2022 second-round draft pick currently with a 1-1 record and 3.04 ERA in Single-A, the deal brings the Mets the 92nd ranked prospect according to It seems light, but the deal Miller put together focuses heavily on the Mets saving some money as all of Scherzer’s salary goes with him to the Brewers.

NY Mets grade for this trade with the Brewers: C+

Something about this trade doesn’t feel right. Maybe the whole idea of the Mets punting any chance at winning in 2023 has me feeling a little sick because that’s exactly what no one expected would happen. Trading Scherzer for a prospect like Misiorowski and nothing else is a peculiar move mostly because players of Scherzer’s stature tend to cost much more.

The Mets would get a pitcher who’d rank fourth in the system—Jett Williams is a few spots higher than him on the top 100 list and third among current Mets prospects at the moment.

My hesitation with this move is Scherzer has pitched better and the Mets would probably just spend any money they save on another player who’ll do the same thing. Misiorowski doesn’t seem good enough. It needs a little more.

Brewers grade for this trade with the Mets: B+

The downside to this trade is that it is one big swing for the Brewers and if they choose incorrectly it’s going to have some financial implications. Trading prospects for veterans with stacked resumes usually works out better for the team acquiring the proven player.

Giving up Misiorowski isn’t a deathblow to the Brewers who absolutely should try to win it all this year. They’re trending toward having to take a step backward soon. As Miller goes into heavily in his trade chatter, the Brewers have a lot of pending free agents after the 2024 season. An opportunity to land Scherzer isn’t something they should pass on. The problem is convincing ownership to take on his full salary and deliver a good prospect to the Mets.

The Brewers have much less to lose in this deal while the Mets could just get another arm we all forget about. What good is moving salary when you have an owner who has proven he’ll spend whatever is needed to build a winner? Or at least try to build one.