Predicting what the Mets starting lineup looks like one year from today

New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks
New York Mets v Arizona Diamondbacks / Norm Hall/GettyImages

The New York Mets lineup has been a source of frustration for fans all season, with Buck Showalter unable to establish a consistent batting order due to poor play and his own questionable decisions.

The 2023 season is slipping away from the Mets with each loss, so let's try to look ahead towards 2024 and see what the lineup may look like for the future. This would hopefully be a batting order that would help the Mets social media team not get hate comments every time they post the lineup card.

The Mets 2024 starting lineup sees a similar top of the order, with some serious changes around the edges as well

Most of the fans frustrations with the lineups this season has been around veteran players and their positions in the lineup. The top half of the order has been locked in for most of the season, but hitters 5-9 almost feels like it comes down to a coin flip at times.

The 2024 Mets should have that same sense of consistency at the top, but the bottom should be more consistent to get the most production out of a talented young core.

1. Brandon Nimmo (CF)

2. Francisco Lindor (SS)

3. Jeff McNeil (2B)

4. Pete Alonso (1B)

5. Cody Bellinger (LF)

6. Francisco Alvarez (C)

7. Brett Baty (3B)

8. Starling Marte (RF)

9. Mark Vientos (DH)

The top four in the lineup remain untouched, with Nimmo and Alonso being locks in their position. While this core has struggled overall all season, it would be foolish of the Mets to move them out of the top of the lineup.

One safe assumption for this offseason is that the Mets won't be quiet in free agency. If they're unable to land Shohei Ohtani, Cody Bellinger represents a realistic backup option. The former NL MVP is having a resurgence year with the Chicago Cubs, and would give the Mets a much needed left handed power bat. While he's mostly in center field these days, he has some experience in left field from his days in Los Angeles, and would be the marquee singing of the offseason for the Mets.

The last four spots in the lineup features a full season of the Mets young core alongside an aging Starling Marte. Alvarez and Baty are locks for the season, with Marte and Vientos potentially being platooned throughout the season. With Marte unlikely to be traded due to his contract, he will most likely be a Met for the next several years, though his starting job is anything but safe. Vientos is a bit more raw than his counterparts, and thus will be eased into 2024

This projected starting lineup would give the Mets a balanced combination of contact and power hitting, with not too many changes from the core of the 2023 starting lineup. With a balanced lefty vs righty split as well, this would give Mets fans a lot more reason for optimism heading into what hopefully will be a bounce back year.