10 best Mets trade targets they should go after even if they decide to sell

Chicago Cubs v New York Yankees
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The New York Mets are at a crossroads between becoming buyers or sellers this trade deadline. After an unforgettable June, the Mets gave positive signs by winning the next six games in July.

Even though the Mets could sell some pieces as rental players or veterans, the option to buy players to help out this season and next would be a smart move. In this case, ten trade targets would make sense for the team at this trade deadline.

1) Cody Bellinger could make a lot of sense for the Mets

The Chicago Cubs could be a team that becomes sellers in the coming weeks, and within their options, Cody Bellinger stands out as an interesting target. Bellinger has a $17.5 million contract (for luxury tax purposes) this year with an equal-value mutual option and a $5.5 million buyout.

Bellinger is a former MVP who has seen his career slide after injuries and vulnerability in his swing. The same outfielder no longer induces the same power as before yet still possesses the same low-strikeout, high-OBP skills that stand out again this season.

Bellinger is an attractive player. His defensive skills turn out to be a plus in his level of play. However, despite his popularity, his contract carries a financial commitment, that not many contenders can afford.

The former National League MVP could make sense for the Mets. In a seller's scenario, Mark Canha and Tommy Pham could be traded from teams, creating an immediate need for the Mets this season and next.

Demand for Bellinger's services could increase in value, although a couple of mid-value prospects (top 15-20) from an organization might suffice due to cost and control. Bellinger could improve the Mets' outfield defense, and provide a well-disciplined left-handed bat with occasional power while injecting more base speed into the lineup.