4 Mets players who have made this season appalling

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With each passing day, hopes of a New York Mets turnaround this season are dwindling. The team has been underperforming all year in terms of offense, pitching, the decision of the coaching staff in the game, and mental mistakes on defense.

These results have been more than unexpected and brings out which players were expected to perform better. In this sense, within a roster that has generally been underperforming, these four players look like the biggest disappointment so far this year and exemplify how terrible this season has been for the organization.

Mets outfielder Starling Marte has been one of the biggest disappointments this season

Starling Marte has been a productive hitter his entire career thanks to a high-contact hitting profile. During his twelve MLB seasons, Marte has posted a batting average above .275 in ten seasons. The only two where he has had an average below this level have been his debut in 2012 and 2023.

In the projections that were made about the possible production of Starling Marte, a small regression in hitting and a drop in general production due to his propensity for injuries were expected. However, in a season where he has been able to stay healthy the longest, he has been the least produced in his tenure by MLB.

One aspect that stands out in Marte's hitting profile is his discipline at the plate. The Mets outfielder has increased his swing overall, especially at pitches outside the strike zone, which has led to an increase in strikeouts, a decrease in his walks, and a decrease in his batting average due to the little strength and location of the contact to this type of pitches.

Additionally, even though his hard-hit contact looks on the rise, the hit breakdown indicates an increase in weaker hits and a decrease in his barrels per at-bat. Likewise, his propensity to ground balls have increased, elevating the probability of outs.

Starling Marte was a key piece of the offense in 2022. This season his terrible approach at the plate has been condemning the Mets, especially in the most pressing moments.