What Mets fan wants to hear from Steve Cohen in his upcoming press conference

Toronto Blue Jays v New York Mets
Toronto Blue Jays v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

The New York Mets find in a difficult position so far this year. Amid all the commotion that affects the organization, Steve Cohen has announced through his Twitter account that he will give a press conference before the game against the Milwaukee Brewers on Wednesday.

In a series of lack of production, bad plays on the field, and bad decisions by the coaching staff, this expectation of what Cohen will say has added to the list of dramatic situations. Even though the result of this press conference may be or not as expected by the fans, there is a decision that everyone would like its owner to make immediately.

Mets fans expect drastic changes in the coaching staff

The Mets have been failing in every facet of the game. After being one of the best offenses last year with an efficient pitching staff, 2023 has been a nightmare for the organization.

It becomes hard to find solutions to multiple problems, but one fact has been eroding fans lately. Buck Showalter has been making ill-advised decisions that have been costing games, as was the case of the mismanagement of the bullpen in the last game of the series against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Added to this is Showalter's lack of accountability to the point of not admitting a mistake and justifying it, while fans watch rookies like Brett Baty take responsibility for a costly play. In surprising events for all, Showalter has shown himself vulnerable in a year that would see the Mets move to a new level after what was evidenced in 2022.

Likewise, Jeremy Hefner, the team's pitching coach, has not been able to replicate effective models from the past, which demonstrates a significant deficiency in his level of leadership over the pitching staff. It's also the case for Jeremy Barnes, who took over a roster that last year was top of the league in batting average and run production, turning them into a shaky and inconsistent offense.

It would be a smart move for Cohen to announce a drastic decision about the Mets' coaching staff looking for a significant change in the team. He could mirror what the Phillies accomplished when they dumped Joe Girardi and left Rob Thomson, the bench coach, as interim, which resulted in one of the team's best front-office decisions.

In an ideal scenario, Eric Chavez could take over as manager, with support from Carlos Beltran, or use Beltran himself as hitting coach. Regardless of all this, Steve Cohen does not look like he will decide on this type during the season, as he has said on previous occasions, so we can assume that this press conference will be to accept the failure of the team and offer a vote of confidence to Billy Eppler, Buck Showalter and the rest of the team.