3 Mets moves we’d like to see if David Stearns comes over from the Brewers next year

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Since stepping down as President of Baseball Operations from the Milwaukee Brewers, David Stearns has been highly connected to the New York Mets. A Mets fan since childhood, Stearns is a valued MLB executive who would be free to sign with any team as soon as this season ends.

Rumors of a union between Stearns and the Queen's team have been increasing as the season has progressed due to the team's inability to live up to expectations on the pitch. Assuming Steve Cohen manages to lure David Stearns over to the Mets as President of Baseball Operations, there are a few key moves we would like to see getting done.

The Buck Showalter decision and whether a familiar Stearns face could take over as Mets manager

On a nearly identical roster to last year, except for their starting rotation, one would expect the Mets to play similar baseball in 2022. Yet the team has been vastly disappointing with underperformances, mental errors, and poor in-game decisions.

Buck Showalter did an excellent job in 2022 with a team that had struggled with leadership and clubhouse discipline. However, this year, his level of experience and technicality in the game has been put to the test, and he has failed to pass the exam.

Mostly the decision-makers in the area of ​​baseball operations demand full control over the decisions, including the choice of who will command the team on the field of play. In this sense, Craig Counsell, current manager of the Milwaukee Brewers, would be a free agent after the end of this season, implying that Stearns would be inclined to have his favorite manager command the Mets.

It would be a shame to lose Showalter after his tenure with the team in 2022, but to have a figure like Counsell on the team would be an absolute achievement. The already experienced young manager has nine years of experience with the Brewers, achieving a positive record in six of those campaigns, qualifying in four consecutive seasons (2018-2021) to the playoffs for the first time in team history.

Craig Counsell on the Mets would be a smart move and would provide a manager with enough playoff experience and baseball analytics to propel this team to a new level. Surely this would be the first decision Stearns would take and would be praised by everyone inside and outside the organization.