Noah Syndergaard vs. SNY comes to a dramatic conclusion for now

Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels
Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels / Kevork Djansezian/GettyImages

After Noah Syndergaard took a beating from the Texas Rangers on May 16, SNY took it upon themselves to post the stat line for the former New York Mets pitcher. Why would they be so petty? Well, it all began with Syndergaard firing shots about what a “real” no-hitter is which he was clearly mocking the Mets throwing a combined one and his teammate Reid Detmers doing it without any help. He later tried to defend himself and earned an error on the play.

The barbs may be done getting thrown. Following Syndergaard’s masterful 8 inning, one-run game versus the Rangers on Tuesday, he went to social media to flex a little bit at his former club’s network:

Was this just another round of bickering? Not this time. Syndergaard and SNY shook on it.

Former Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard and SNY call a truce

While plenty of Mets and Los Angeles Angels fans were ready to stir the pot, Syndergaard admitted that this battle with the SNY social media team is nothing personal.

Rather than attack back, SNY extended an olive branch in the only way people know how to in 2022: an emoticon of two yellow hands shaking.

And that was it. The Treaty of Versailles has been signed. Judgment Day has been averted. Syndergaard and SNY have kissed and made up. Maybe the two armies can prove it’s for real with Syndergaard spending the rest of the season going by SNYdergaard and SNY changing its call letters to SYN.

In either case, time has heeled these wounds between a former Mets player and the television station he was featured on plenty over the years. The good-natured social media ribbing between the two has come to a close—until the next time one of the two sides decides to be petty.

Just a guess: when the Mets play the Angels in mid-June we get another round. We’ll just have to hope Mr. Met makes the trip to Orange County. He, perhaps more than anyone else involved with the ball club, has the biggest settle to score.

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