SNY fires shots right back at Noah Syndergaard after his rough outing on Monday

Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers
Los Angeles Angels v Texas Rangers / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

This is not what a “real” no-hitter looks like. Last week, in response to teammate Reid Detmers pitching a complete game and not allowing a hit in those nine innings, Noah Syndergaard went onto Instagram and proclaimed the Los Angeles Angels pitcher threw what a “real” no-hitter looks like. The ex-New York Mets pitcher was clearly trolling his former ball club even though he attempted to walk it back and defend himself by lashing out.

Thought the fight was over? It has only just begun.

SNY is trolling former Mets pitcher Noah Syndergaard right back

On Monday, Syndergaard pitched two-thirds of an inning, allowed 4 hits (not a no-hitter), allowed 4 earned runs, and another 2 that went unearned. He was yanked from the game before even getting through the first frame.

Needless to say, Mets fans got some enjoyment out of the performance. Nobody seemed to relish in it more than SNY—the home of the Mets.

It was SNY that Syndergaard clapped back at last week for calling him out. I think like a lot of people Syndergaard imagines Andy Martino sits in front of a computer and tweets out things for SNY. Speaking of Martino, he hasn’t tweeted in weeks. What’s going on there?

Well, SNY didn’t take too kindly to Syndergaard’s non-apology and fake acknowledgment of combined no-hitters. In a very simple tweet, they let their feelings be known:

The only thing worse for Syndergaard would have been if this took place against the Mets. Although he isn’t quite at the level of Paul Sewald villain at the moment, Syndergaard certainly took many fans by surprise when he shaded the history Tylor Megill and friends made earlier this year. Mets fans have been incredibly loyal to Syndergaard throughout his career. People were rooting for him to get better. For every hater he may have to deal with, there are thousands who adore(d) him. After last week, he feels a little bit less like a friend and more like a cousin that’s just going to get you in trouble.

The Mets and Angels play each other in less than a month from June 10-12. The interleague West Coast series could potentially pit Syndergaard against his ex-team. For the sake of our entertainment, I hope Syndergaard and the fine people at SNY have their most passive-aggressive tweets on hand.

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