Give Noah Syndergaard an E1 for his trolling defense

Los Angeles Angels vs. Boston Red Sox
Los Angeles Angels vs. Boston Red Sox / Maddie Malhotra/Boston Red Sox/GettyImages

Noah Syndergaard will not be winning a Gold Glove for his defense on Twitter. After getting called out by SNY for his Instagram story that was 5% celebrating Reid Detmers and 95% mocking the New York Mets for having a combined no-hitter, Syndergaard clapped back twice!

His first defense includes some NSFW language so shield your eyes if you must.

Syndergaard then doubled down on the defense. If this was the O.J. case, it would have been equivalent to him putting the glove back on his hand as the verdict was read and doing jazz hands or showing off his spirit fingers; whichever is more obnoxious.

Noah Syndergaard gets an E1 for his poor defense saying he wasn’t trolling the Mets

If these two tweets had a sound, it would be Chris Berman saying “Back, Back, Back, Back, Back!” There isn’t much he could have done worse other than maybe be perfectly clear that he doesn’t believe combined no-hitters should count. In which case, at least he’d be honest.

But this has nothing to do with whether or not Syndergaard believes a combined no-hitter should count or not. It has even less to do with Detmers, Syndergaard’s teammates, who just threw one all by himself. This is Syndergaard cracking jokes, mocking the Mets, and then trying to swerve away from the fans and media for calling him out on it.

The first defense is clearly a kneejerk reaction we’ve all had when our hands were caught in the cookie jar. Fortunately, screenshots weren’t available for that when we were young.

The second is an obvious attempt at humor whilst catering to the Mets fans. The majority of Mets fans hate the wave, are in on the Mr. Met jokes, and if they know one thing about Richard Staff’s personal life, it’s about his wife going out for a pack of smokes and never coming back.

This short skirmish between Syndergaard and SNY is probably over for now. The Mets have games to play.

Luckily, if you enjoy the drama, from June 10-12, the Metropolitans head to Orange County to face Syndergaard’s Angels—the baseball team, not some weird all-female fan group of his that also fights crime in disguises. Perhaps that series will pit Syndergaard against his former club. Stay tuned. Earl Hebner hasn’t called for the ring bell yet.

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