Where the Mets land in this week's MLB Power Rankings

Seattle Mariners v New York Mets
Seattle Mariners v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

For the last few weeks, I have been putting together MLB Power Rankings for FanSided. Over here at Rising Apple, I have relayed the information as to where the New York Mets fit into everything. They are winning games consistently and often finding themselves at or near the top.

Two weeks ago, they were number one. Last week, they fell to number three. A successful week and a poor showing by the Los Angeles Dodgers push them back ahead one spot to the silver medal.

Why the Mets are number 2 in this week’s MLB Power Rankings

The Mets might not be better than the Dodgers but they have more wins and didn’t get beat up by the Pittsburgh Pirates or Philadelphia Phillies this week the way the Dodgers did—losing two consecutive series to Pennsylvania’s MLB clubs.

The Mets had an okay week where they didn’t show they simply held their ground. It was enough for them to climb ahead of the Dodgers and fall behind only one other team: the New York Yankees.

It’s all New York without the East Coast bias. It’s hard to argue in favor of any other teams two be at the top of the MLB Power Rankings. The Yankees are taking care of business in the American League while the Mets have shown over the first few weeks of the year that they are one of the best clubs in baseball.

The Big Apple’s two baseball clubs are setting up some high expectations for a Subway Series at the end of the season. Both seem well-equipped to get there. Each has a desirable starting rotation. Both have starting lineups that can be dangerous although neither seems to have fully woken up.

As moderate of a week as it was for the Mets, they remain atop the National League in the MLB Power Rankings. There are some signs of them dropping. If the rest of the National League East can ever figure themselves out, the Mets may finally have some competition.

Until then, it’s lonely at the top of the National League.

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