Ichiban in the MLB Power Rankings this week

Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets / Sarah Stier/GettyImages

In this week’s MLB Power Rankings over at Fansided.com, there’s a new sheriff in town. After climbing up to a top seed last week, the New York Mets went as far as they could this week. They are the Ichiban. They are number one!

There’s no bias here on my behalf ranking these 30 clubs. It has become undeniable after winning every series of the season thus far that the Mets are at the cream of the crop in Major League Baseball.

How the Mets got the number one spot in this week’s MLB Power Rankings

It wasn’t luck, other teams collapsing, or a shameless plug for Rising Apple. The Mets were awarded the number one spot because of how well the whole team blends together.

The Mets have a top starting pitching staff and lineup. Even if the numbers for some of the hitters don’t measure up to where they should be, a look around the league will show you that just about every ball club has guys fighting to hit .200 play every day. Joey Gallo is not alone in this world right now.

The Mets haven’t just beaten up on weak teams either. Taking down the San Francisco Giants two weeks ago was huge. Defeating the St. Louis Cardinals twice in three games down in Missouri was the tipping point. It had to be said. The Mets belong in the number one spot.

How long will it last? The upcoming week includes a blitz of National League East opponents. They play four in three days against the Atlanta Braves. Once that’s over with, they play four more against the Philadelphia Phillies. In a week, the Mets could find themselves firmly implanted atop the MLB Power Rankings or possibly sliding down a little further.

More important than an arbitrary weekly list, the Mets can do a lot of damage this week against two of their biggest rivals. Even though it’s the Miami Marlins who are pushing hardest against them to take the division at the moment, it’s hard to deny what the Braves or Phillies are capable of.

In the meantime, the rest of the baseball world has to stop denying something else. The Mets are good. Real good. Bask in this, Mets fans. You’re watching the most powerful team in baseball every night.

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