Monday Morning GM: No crying over spilt Steven Matz milk

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Check out the big bucks on Steven Matz’s paycheck. The former New York Mets starter earned himself a four-year deal worth $44 million to become a member of the St. Louis Cardinals.

Before putting pen to paper, Matz was a possibility for the Mets. Fans were a little torn on the idea of a reunion. On one hand, he wasn’t so terrific over the last few seasons. On the other, nostalgia rules, baby!

Matz won’t be coming to the 2022 Mets after all. There’s no reason to cry about it.

Steven Matz and the Mets were only a match in name and history

Matz pitching for a team called the Mets is like Nerlens Noel playing for the New Orleans Pelicans on Christmas—too perfect of a match by name only.

We did get to see Matz and the Mets team up for several seasons. The results went from promising to dreadful to average at best in some of those seasons. He was traded to the Toronto Blue Jays last offseason for a flurry of young arms, thus ending his tenure in New York.

Matz managed increase his value in Toronto. As a second or maybe even third-tier starter on the open market this offseason, he profiled as someone the Mets could look at as a way to add some starting rotation depth. Right now, the rotation has more questions than an 11-year-old when the scrambled TV channels come in clear for more than a couple of seconds. Can we really trust what’s currently in place?

Anyone upset over missing out on Matz would have felt this way simply because he’s yet another pitcher linked to the Mets that has gone elsewhere. In less than a week, the Los Angeles Angels swiped Aaron Loup and Noah Syndergaard off the board. Matz was far less likely to return to the Big Apple. However, due to his connection with the team, the thought was there.

Following Matz's decision, I was curious to see how the front office would pivot in regards to their rotation. There was an upside to what they had in place. There is also a possibility we get the second half all over again.

Matz wouldn’t have been a solid enough addition. And that’s where the team’s focus needs to be: finding the right solutions. An angry Steve Cohen set out to do just that.

Tears over Steven Matz turned to cheers for Max Scherzer

Just as you should never cry over spilt milk, there are no tears to be shed over this missed opportunity. While I wish Matz all the best in St. Louis, I’ll save my tears for the holiday Hallmark movies I’ll inevitably somehow end up watching in December.

Of course, the real headline here is how one person in particular felt about the move.

Steve Cohen feeling backstabbed aside, you'll have a tough time finding too many living souls unhappy with the failure to sign Matz.

Lucky for Mets fans, it was the precursor for their Black Friday spending frenzy only a few days later. And just as we thought the Mets would lose out on a few more pitchers, they added Max Scherzer into the mix.

It's funny how things can turn so quickly. It wasn't long ago that the Mets were eating L's in free agency for breakfast. Now, while they suit up for the year in orange and blue, the rest of the league has added a tinge of envy green to their uniforms.

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