Angels rob another pitcher from the Mets

New York Mets v Milwaukee Brewers
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No deadbolt in the world could keep a pair of New York Mets pitchers from fleeing the Big Apple and signing with the Los Angeles Angels. Just days after Noah Syndergaard went all Hulk Hogan-Bash at the Beach on us, Aaron Loup used flexed his career year in 2021 and signed a deal with those same California Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim Mighty Real Housewives of Orange County.

The hot stove is beginning to get hotter with other players coming off the board as well. A week ahead of the impending end to the current CBA, teams are frantically signing all of the pitchers they can.

Meanwhile, the Mets are losing arms. I know Syndergaard and Loup each had questions. Syndergaard’s health was the big one and exactly what Loup will be moving forward could certainly create some hesitation to bring him back.

Nevertheless, it’s painful to see two guys that would have fit in well with the 2022 squad leave so abruptly and sign with a team known for its inability to add good pitching.

Fortunately, the Mets have time to figure things out

Former Angels General Manager and now the shot-caller for the Mets, Billy Eppler, finally became the man with the transaction trigger finger last Friday. He had a weekend to settle in. Already knowing he wouldn’t have Syndergaard as part of next year’s rotation, I’m sure he had "talking with Loup’s agent" on the agenda.

the Maybe Eppler spent his first full weekday in office introducing himself, finding out the quickest route to the bathroom, or removing gum left from his desk’s previous tenant. This is how I spend the first day of work whenever I land a new job. I imagine Eppler’s life is very much the same.

There’s no question there’s some irony to all of this. Eppler’s biggest issue as a general manager was acquiring quality arms. Days into his new gig, his club has lost two to his former employer.

Remove Syndergaard and Loup from the 2022 equation and the Mets aren’t exactly a lock to finish last. Again, neither were sure bets. Far from it, in fact. The Angels could very well have spent a lot of money that will go to waste on a pair of arms whose best days are behind them. I can practically guarantee this with Loup. There is no shot he replicates his 2021 season ever again.

The Mets have work to do. Teams are getting busy faster than usual. Blink and they may miss the best opportunities right in front of them.

The fat lady hasn’t sung on the offseason yet. But if you listen closely, she’s gargling some water in the next room.

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