Mets should take advantage of possible Mariners winter fire sale

Seattle Mariners infielders Jean Segura and Dee Gordon could make for good trade targets for the Mets. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)
Seattle Mariners infielders Jean Segura and Dee Gordon could make for good trade targets for the Mets. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images) /

If the Seattle Mariners are truly selling, the New York Mets should whip out their wallets and see what they can buy.

With the Seattle Mariners reportedly looking to sell off many of their star players, the New York Mets would be wise to try to capitalize on the opportunity to improve their lineup. Two intriguing options for the Mets to go after are Jean Segura and Dee Gordon.

Segura is coming off his third consecutive season of posting a .300 average and sixth consecutive season with at least 20 stolen bases. While he doesn’t draw many walks, his hitting ability and speed would make for a good fit for a lead-off hitting role for the Metropolitans, whose roster is mostly lacking in speed. Segura would also bring a much-needed right-handed hitter to a lefty-heavy Mets lineup.

If the Mets were to get Segura, one question the team would face would be how to structure their infield. They could move Segura to second and Jeff McNeil to third or vice-versa. With Todd Frazier likely standing as the odd man out, it may benefit them more if they try to trade him.

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The asking price for Segura could be interesting. On one hand he’s under team control for the next five seasons, but on the other hand, he’s making $14.85 million over each of the next four seasons. Many teams may be hesitant to take on a contract like that.

However, the Mets should show a willingness to do so because they may not have to give up some of their more valuable prospects, like Justin Dunn or Peter Alonso. If they have the opportunity to acquire Segura while only giving up lower level prospects and/or international slot money, they should absolutely make a move.

A good alternative option to Segura would be Gordon. He’s two years older than the 28-year old Segura and is coming off a down season in which he hit just .268. He is owed $13.3 million in 2019, $13.8 million in 2020 and $14 million in 2021 before becoming a free agent.

While Gordon may not bring a much-needed right-handed bat to a lefty-heavy lineup, he would still make for a good lead-off hitter in Flushing. One advantage he does have over Segura is that he provides more versatility, proving last season that he could handle playing the outfield as well as second base.

Gordon’s value is likely much lower than Segura’s. If Brodie Van Wagenen feels they can’t make a deal for Segura without giving up something they deem valuable in return, they could instead turn their attention to the older Gordon, who’s coming off a tough year.

Between Segura and Gordon, it’s more realistic to think the Mets have a better chance at acquiring the latter, as they would save a little more money and probably wouldn’t have to give up as many valuable prospects.

However, it’s still worth at least making an effort to go after Segura, as the Mets could find a way to get him without giving up too much.

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Both players could help fill a gaping hole in the offense, but even if the Mets do get one of them, there’s still plenty of work to be done with the offense and bullpen.