Mets fans blindly pick Zack Wheeler over Jacob deGrom

NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 13: Zack Wheeler
NEW YORK, NY - JUNE 13: Zack Wheeler /

Mets pitching has been brilliant as of late. The rotation has been so good that it’s been difficult for fans to tell some players apart just by stats alone.

I was looking over some stats and came across something interesting. So I compiled a few sample stats and set out to Twitter to see who New York Mets fans would choose and the answer was pretty surprising.

Player A pitched 40 innings and during that span his ERA was 1.13 and his opposing batting average was .193. His K/9 was 9.68 and his win loss record was 4-1.

Player B was pretty similar. He pitched 43 innings and posted a 1.24 ERA and a .217 opposing batting average. His K/9 was 12.37 and his win loss record was 3-2.

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In this scenario, Player A has the advantage in every area except for strikeout rate. Most fans voted for player A, which to some can be pretty surprising when you realize who the players are.

Only 33 percent of those who voted picked player B, who is none other than Jacob deGrom. Player A, who the rest picked, is Zack Wheeler.

What are all these stats from? They are from six August starts. Both Wheeler and deGrom started six games in August and put up fantastic numbers.

Just two months ago if someone told you Zack Wheeler could go an entire month with a sub 1.20 ERA, you probably would have laughed. Two months ago his ERA on the season was nearly 4.50.

His strikeouts have also been improving a lot during his hot streak. During his first three months of the season he recorded eight or nine strikeouts just three times. During his last seven starts he recorded nine strikeouts or more four times.

deGrom is great and all, but as of late, Wheeler has been putting up better stats in most categories and is probably reaching the point where he would be an ace on most teams.

I have already made the suggestion that Wheeler should be an easy pick for the comeback player award, but maybe he’s destined for much more. The stats and the fans both agree.

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Regardless of what fans say, something big is happening. Yeah the Mets always had the foundation for a huge rotation, but a fresh start for deGrom, Wheeler, and Noah Syndergaard next season could truly be remarkable.