Mets: Former player Bartolo Colon breaks pitching record

TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 25: Bartolo Colon
TORONTO, ON - AUGUST 25: Bartolo Colon /

It seems like only yesterday that Bartolo Colon was playing for the Mets. yesterday, he won the 246th game of his career.

Nearly everybody who follows the New York Mets is also a fan of Bartolo Colon. he spent three seasons with the team and left as a 43 year old. Now he’s 45 years old and is still doing whatever he can on the mound.

Last night he won his sixth game of the season. That’s not that great considering his record is now 6-10, it’s a remarkable achievement on its own.

It was his 246th career win. Even though there are 49 other pitchers with more wins than Bart, this is in fact a record. No other pitcher who was born in Latin America has more wins.

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Until last night, Colon was tied for the record with Dennis Martinez. He earned his 245th win in September 1998 and the record stood for two decades. In 1998, Bart was picked for his first All-star game.

Barts 246th win gave him the new record and for all we know, he isn’t ready to stop. There’s a little less than two months left this season and it’s possible that he can reach 250 wins.

This was actually a record that Bart was looking to break for a while, but he just couldn’t get the win until now. His 245th win came on June 30th. He then lost all five games he started in July before last nights win.

A decent chunk of those wins came while he was with the Mets. During his three seasons in Queens, he won 44 games. This included an impressive 15-8 record in his final season, which was also the year he made his fourth All-star team.

Bart has more wins with the Indians and Angels. he won 46 games with the Angels.

He didn’t just win games for the Mets, he won the hearts of many fans beyond his pitching. Whether it was his glove or his bat, he was loved here in Queens.

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Who knows, maybe he will pitch for us again in three or four years. But other than that, the pitcher who doesn’t know how to age keeps on surprising us all.