Mets: Tim Tebow has been unstoppable during final seven weeks


The Mets experiment with Tim Tebow looks to be reaching its climax as the 30-year-old has been a powerhouse for the Rumble Ponies these last two months before his injury.

A couple years ago, the New York Mets signed Tim Tebow in what looked like an insane marketing move. Some amount of time has passed since then and from the looks of it, Tebow has been solidifying himself as a legit player.

At this point, even if he doesn’t make the majors with the Mets, he’ll either help some minor league teams win championships, or he’ll make the majors somewhere else.

Take a look at his stats from his first stint in baseball, the Arizona Fall League in 2016. He hit .194 with an OPS of .538.

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In 2017, his numbers were even better. He hit .226 with a .656 OPS. This year with the Rumble Ponies, those numbers jumped to .273 and .734. That’s mostly thanks to an impressive streak since June 1st.

Entering yesterday, Tebow played in 39 games since June 1st. His batting average during that span sits at .317. In his first 15 July games, his average was .340. He’s been getting hits at an incredible pace over the last few weeks.

Last season he had 22 multi-hit games over the course of 125 games. That’s a decent amount, but split between this June and July, he had a stretch where he had seven multi-hit games in just 20 games.

His power hasn’t been all that bad either. Last year he hit eight home runs but already has six this year in 159 fewer at-bats. If he can continue hitting at this rate, he might be able to finish the season hitting .300 with ten home runs and 20 doubles.

A year and a half ago, nobody would have believed that he was capable of those numbers as a baseball player, especially at his advanced age.

Like I said before, he might not make the majors with the Mets, but if he keeps hitting the ball the way he has this season he could make the majors somewhere. definitely not this season, but by the end of next season, his major league career should be off to a decent start.

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If only the Mets waited an extra year to move their triple A team to Syracuse. If you think his stats over the last few weeks were good at Binghamton, just imagine what he would have been playing like in Las Vegas.