Mets temporarily lose Sandy Alderson due to health issues


The Mets took a hit earlier today when health-related concerns resulted in the stepping down of General Manager Sandy Alderson.

Even for the New York Mets fans who wanted Sandy Alderson to leave, this is nowhere near the best way for it to happen.

Earlier today, Sandy said he’s going to take a leave of absence from the team, in order to deal with health concerns.

A few years ago, Sandy faced a similar scare when he was diagnosed with cancer. He recovered and was able to keep doing his duties as the GM for the Mets. This time, it’s looking like Sandy has relapsed

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For now, though, Sandy is will be having surgery sometime during the summer and everything looks good for the GM.

However, that doesn’t mean that he will, in fact, return to the team once he’s been taken care of. Even though he’s temporarily stepping down, Sandy said that there’s still a possibility of not returning at all.

While he’s having the surgery and recovering, the duties of GM will be split by the trio of John Ricco, J.P. Ricciardi, and Omar Minaya.

If Sandy’s time with the Mets is in fact done, the team will have a lot to get in order throughout the remainder of the season and the off-season.

As for Minaya, this will be his first big role back with the team. He spent nearly a decade as the Mets GM before Sandy took over in 2010. He was brought back last December as the Special Assistant to Sandy.

If this is the end of Sandy’s tenure with the team, he will go out with more than 500 wins with nearly 600 wins, two post-season appearances, and a pennant with the team.

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Regardless of whether or not he comes back to the team, everybody – players and fans alike are going to wish him the best of luck with his health and the next chapter of his life.