Mets: The possibility of a power-filled outfield in 2018

ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 10: Jay Bruce
ATLANTA, GA - JUNE 10: Jay Bruce /

We have only seen the bare minimum of what the Mets outfield has to offer, and it seems the best has yet to come.

Through all of the injuries that plagued the Mets last year, and the house cleaning that took place around the trade deadline, it was hard to really get a grasp on the level of efficiency Yoenis Cespedes, Michael Conforto, and Jay Bruce could attain when clicking on all cylinders. Though they seemed to be the everyday outfield last year, in one sense or another, we hardly got to see them all in action at the same time.

I know that this dream cannot become a reality until Conforto is back on the field, but the thought of how good this team could be if those three guys get hot at the same time is something that could most definitely be worth the wait.

To say that Cespedes did not have his best year last season is an understatement. He only played in 81 games and cranked out a mediocre 17 home runs (for a half year’s worth of games, it was pretty good). But, we know what Cespedes is capable of, and it seems his best days lie ahead of him, hopefully in the remaining two years of his contract.

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Bruce had a bumpy start in Queens after being acquired from Cincinnati in 2016, there is no denying that. But, before he was sent to Cleveland last year, he really proved he could be a huge part of this team. As we know, Bruce is no slouch when it comes to power hitting. Last season, he hit 36 home runs, 29 of them with the Mets.  Bruce has a lot of unfinished business in New York, and I, for one, am really excited to see him back in orange and blue.

Conforto, before he was rolling around in front of home plate grabbing at his left shoulder, was the most consistent hitter for the Mets last season. Being the only Met to represent the team at the 2017 All Star Game, Conforto was well on his way to 30 home runs last season, but capped out at 27 when his season was cut short due to a tear in the posterior capsule of his left shoulder, needing surgery to repair it.

He will not be starting the season with the team, only recently starting baseball activity. But, his return is something to eagerly anticipate. The team will not be whole until Conforto is placed in between Cespedes and Bruce on the outfield grass.

So, if you will, imagine Cespedes with perfectly strung hamstrings, Bruce in a Mets uniform for a whole season, and Conforto with his shoulder attached to his body. Imagine how many “It’s Outta Here’s” #GARE will have to scream when they’re all feeling it at the same time. Imagine the massacre of a toll all of that yelling will take on his vocal cords!

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Here’s to hoping Gary Cohen loses his voice on account of the Mets outfield in 2018.