Mets deadline money decisions should concern fans for 2018


The New York Mets, general manager Sandy Alderson, and the Wilpon owners have made one thing clear during the trade deadline

They have been sellers. However, not necessary of players, but of payroll. The Mets three trades all have had one main theme in common which is the trade partners of the deals took on the entire remaining salary.

In total this saved the team around $10 million. The downfall of this is that New York may have chosen to take less talented prospects and less future pieces to help the team due to the teams agreeing to pay the entire remaining salary.

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This is where it should be concerning for fans. The Mets payroll in 2016 and 2017 has been $156 million and $161 million respectively – the 12th and 13th highest payroll in the MLB the last two seasons.

However, in 2015 the team only spent $120 million. Since 2012-2015 the Mets payroll has been in the $100-$120 million range. The team’s payroll has increased by 25-30% with which not many fans have an issue. The concern for the fan base should be this offseason.

Between Jay Bruce, Neil Walker, Curtis Granderson, and Lucas Duda the team features $52.5 million coming off the books.  This doesn’t even include the $8.5 million club option that New York could decline on Asdrubal Cabrera which all signs should point to declining the deal. Specially since the team looks to finally be calling up their top prospects like Amed Rosario, who has already been called up.

The big question Mets fans will be wondering now is will the team look to spend the money in the offseason? Instead of just looking to save all the money they can for 2018.

New York basically has two primary positions to fill at right field and second base (if you’re comfortable with Michael Conforto being an everyday center fielder). Top free agent right fielders J.D. Martinez and Bruce are in the team’s price range with all the money coming off the books.

However, based off of the decisions Sandy Alderson and the Wilpons made during the trade deadline. It is hard to believe that the team is heading towards anywhere near of paying a lot of money to players this offseason.

Will the Amazin’s look to show the fan base they are willing to continue to spend to compete again?

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After all, if the Mets trade decisions were done to save a max of $10 million. Imagine the thoughts that could be going through the Wilpons’ heads on the idea of saving 50-60 million next season.