Mets reportedly unwilling to trade Addison Reed to Nationals

PHILADELPHIA, PA - APRIL 12: Addison Reed /

Helping a division rival with their biggest issue? Not likely under Sandy’s watch

Barring a miracle, the Mets are likely going to be sellers as the upcoming trade deadline approaches. A couple of their key trade chips are in the bullpen.

Both Addison Reed and Jerry Blevins could be of great service to a club that’s looking to contend down the stretch and the Mets are sure to listen to most offers. One club whose calls they may not be willing to take, however, is the Nationals.

According to Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe, the Mets aren’t willing to help out their division rivals with their bullpen issues by giving them one of their best relievers.

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Cafardo notes that in 2017 relievers are in high demand, so thankfully the Mets will have plenty of other teams offering players in exchange for Reed’s services, so the fact that the Nationals won’t be on that list shouldn’t affect their able to deal him when it’s all said and done.

Most Mets fans would obviously understand why Sandy and co. don’t want to trade with or help out Washington in any way, shape or form, but I’m still hoping they’re willing to at least listen to an offer from them. The Nats have made it a bit of a habit to offer way too much for a player (hint, hint Adam Eaton), so it’s possible they could also give up a ton for a reliever like Reed because they’re so desperate for bullpen help. It’s just a thought.

Reed’s 2017 season started out a bit shaky. He didn’t flourish right away in the closer’s role while Jeurys Familia sat out serving his 15-game suspension. Eventually, Familia would come back, and then leave again once he was diagnosed with a blood clot that required surgery. This would leave the door open for Reed to once again, and for good, take over the main role in the Amazin’s bullpen.

Since then, Reed has been way more sharp. He’s posted an ERA of 2.59 overall this season, but lately he’s even been better. In June, Reed maintained a 1.42 ERA by giving up only two earned runs the entire month.

It’s no surprise his resurgence has garnered a ton of interest from other teams that need a closer or want some added depth to their bullpen.

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The question will be exactly what the Mets can get for him since they’re going anywhere in 2017, and if they’re going to pull the trigger once offers start flying. We’ve seen Sandy pull off some great deals during losing seasons (Beltran for Wheeler, Dickey for d’Arnaud and Syndergaard), so maybe this year the farm system gets a nice influx of players for the next few years.