3 Mets trade deadline packages to improve the top of their farm system

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3) The Mets should trade Mark Canha and pitching prospect Yordany Ventura plus cash to the Seattle Mariners for A.J. Pollock and prospects Lazaro Montes and Ty Adcock

Since Jarred Kelenic's injury, the Seattle Mariners have been interested in acquiring a corner outfielder this trade deadline, and it was reported that the team would be interested in Mark Canha. Canha has an option for 2024 which makes him more attractive in the market than other rental players.

The Mets can boost the return they would get for Canha by offering to take on his entire contract and include an additional piece in the trade. Yordany Ventura could be that piece. The Mets' No. 19 prospect has a good fastball and could be a back-end starter in the organization.

The Mets can be more creative and trade for A.J. Pollock, who has been underperforming this season and taking on the remainder of his $7 million contract this season, to further enhance their return. In this sense, the Mets could require outfielder Lazaro Montes and pitcher Ty Adcock as a return. Montes was the No. 8 ranked international prospect last January and has tremendous potential in his bat, especially power. He is currently the No. 11 prospect in the Seattle organization.

Adcock is a 26-year-old pitcher who does not have a starting ceiling, but has a fastball that travels in the upper 90s and could debut this same 2023 as a reliever in MLB. Both pieces would be of great help in the moving forward team.