Former Mets prospect suffers the most Mets injury

Detroit Tigers v Seattle Mariners
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In an unfortunate event, Jarred Kelenic, a former top prospect for the New York Mets, suffered a left foot fracture after kicking a water cooler during last night's game. Kelenic, a household name to Mets fans who was the highlight player of the infamous trade that brought Edwin Diaz and Robinson Cano to Queens, broke to tears today talking about what happened.

Kelenic was having a sort of breakout year with the Seattle Mariners. Ninety games into the season, the outfielder was hitting above .250 with 11 home runs and a career-high 45 RBI, racking up a 113 OPS+ in 365 at-bats.

Kelenic suffered a terrible injury, in an event that is reminiscent of what happens many times in the Mets organization

Kelenic's injury seems absurd, showing the player's frustration after being struck out in an at-bat on Wednesday night. Even on Twitter, the idea has been joked, for example, DJ Short tweeted that "You can take a player off the Mets, you can't take the Mets out of a player," something that seems funny but at the same time sadly true.

Kelenic's injury seems like a reminder of the surprising injuries that have passed through the Mets organization, such as Yoenis Cespedes' injury after breaking his ankle in an incident with wild boar at his ranch, Matt Harvey's bladder infection due to holding in his pee or Brandon Nimmo getting food poison from cooking his own chicken. These are just a few examples of how this former prospect's injury leads fans to remember such unfortunate events.

Still, it's a pretty sad story. Jarred Kelenic has been trying very hard to be a hitter who lives up to what was expected of him and, in doing so, help the Mariners to a good run in the playoffs this year. Kelenic had made adjustments to his swing in the offseason that had helped him better enhance his skills.

However, from every unfortunate event, opportunities arise. This injury opens the door for the Mariners, who are 5.5 games behind the last wild card position, to want to make some changes to add a player in the outfield this trade deadline. The Mets can offer Mark Canha, who could be a good addition to cover Kelenic's departure.

The Mets have managed to make trades with the Mariners that have achieved benefits for both organizations. The Mets could be interested in pitching prospects Isiah Campbell or Travis Kuhn, the 15th and 20th prospect in the Seattle organization, as potential returns options for Canha.