Re-grading the Mets trade with the Pirates for Daniel Vogelbach

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Following a 58-35 start to the 2022 season, many expected the New York Mets to make a big splash at the deadline. Instead, the team chose to play it safe, with their biggest move being trading relief pitcher Colin Holderman to the Pittsburgh Pirates for first baseman Daniel Vogelbach.

This filled a position of need for the Mets at the time, but didn't contribute to postseason success as the Mets fell in the Wild Card round. Many fans were disappointed in the lack of aggression at the trade deadline, and they only got louder as the season ended.

The bright side for the team is that Vogelbach is still on the roster for this season, and the Mets are still able to utilize his bat. However, given his lack of production and Holderman's success in Pittsburgh, Mets fans might start to wonder where the team would be if they hadn't made the trade at all.

NY Mets Trade for Daniel Vogelbach: C-

By trading for Vogelbach, the Mets were hoping for an improvement over Dom Smith to use as the designated hitter vs right handed pitching. In that regard the team succeeded, as Vogelbach hit well for the Mets down the stretch. With six home runs and a .255 batting average, he showed signs that he could be a serviceable platoon DH for the Mets in the future.

Instead Vogelbach has taken a step back to start 2023, getting off to a slower start than most fans would've hoped for. His eye is improved and he is drawing a lot of walks, but the Mets will need more production from the DH spots going forward. With Mark Vientos off to a phenomenal start in Triple A, some fans expect Vogelbach's time in New York to be coming to an end sometime this season.

Of course, we always have to look at the player we traded away as well. Making his MLB debut for the Mets last season, Colin Holderman gave the Mets some well needed bullpen depth with a 2.04 ERA across 17.2 innings before being sent packing.

Holderman has been lights out this season, as he has yet to give up a run in eight appearances. He is the setup man for the surprisingly competitive Pittsburgh Pirates, who are 11-7 to start the season. While the Pirates are still missing Vogelbach's production, Holderman has been indispensable and the Mets could've used someone like him in their thin bullpen.

In a vacuum the Mets did the right thing by trading for Vogelbach, as he filled an immediate need and is on a cheap deal. When taking the whole situation into context, the trade appears to be getting worse by the day. With Vogelbach off to a slow start, Vientos waiting in the minors and Holderman's scoreless start, it looks like the Mets would've been better off long term if they hadn't made this trade in the first place.

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