Grading the Mets' trade deadline moves

San Diego Padres v New York Mets
San Diego Padres v New York Mets / Adam Hunger/GettyImages

The New York Mets had an underwhelming trade deadline. They were rumored to be interested in a lot of big names, but they didn’t come away with any game-changing players. Instead, they opted to improve the margins of the roster.

In fairness, some of this is because teams set asking prices too high and didn’t negotiate. Many around the industry were shocked by the Cubs keeping Willson Contreras and Ian Happ. That’s because they set exorbitant prices and weren’t willing to compromise. I’m not going to blame anyone in the Mets front office for not wanting to give up a top-five prospect for a two-month rental. That’s absurd.

Let’s grade the moves the Mets made before the deadline.

Mets trade for Daniel Vogelbach: C-

The Mets got a solid DH against right-handed pitching in Daniel Vogelbach. He has a really good eye and hits the ball very hard routinely. His baserunning gets an A. He doesn’t provide anything against lefties, but we’ll talk about the second half of the Mets DH platoon below. Giving up Colin Holderman for him stung though, as he is a promising young arm.

Mets trade for Tyler Naquin and Phillip Diehl: D

Naquin is a decent bench outfielder. He can play any outfield position, but he’s best suited for the corners. He can pinch-hit or pinch-run as needed. He doesn’t really do anything that makes you say “wow,” but he’s solid. I’ve never heard of Diehl before, and he was assigned to AAA. He probably won’t come up unless Joely Rodriguez gets hurt.

Mets claim Michael Perez: D

Michael Perez is a depth catcher. He’s ok. That’s it. Hopefully McCann and Nido stay healthy the rest of the way and the Mets don’t need him.

Mets trade for Mychal Givens: D

The Mets really needed a lefty reliever. They did not get one. Givens is decent in middle relief, but I certainly wouldn’t trust him in big moments. Trevor May is due back soon, so that’s an important part of the Mets’ bullpen plans, but he’s not a lefty either.

Mets trade for Darin Ruf: Big, fat F

Why did the Mets give up J.D. Davis and three prospects for a platoon DH? This trade makes no sense. When I first saw that, I and many Mets fans were thinking, “There has to be more, maybe we’re getting a reliever back with Ruf?” Nope. Just a nonsensical trade for platoon DH. Yes, he mashes lefties, but so does Mark Vientos who A) is free, and B) now doesn’t have an open role/roster spot on this team. Barring an injury, he’ll be in AAA for the remainder of the season.

Overall Mets trade deadline grade: D

I’m extremely disappointed by this trade deadline. In less than a week, we went from “Are we gonna get Juan Soto?!?!” to “Wow, they overpaid for Daren Ruf.” Yikes, Billy. 

Part of the reason this stings so much is what the Phillies and Braves did. The Phillies got Brandon Marsh, David Robertson, and old-friend Noah Syndergaard. The Braves got Robbie Grossman, Jake Odorizzi, and made a buzzer-beater for Raisel Iglesias. Both teams are far better today than they were the last time we played them. 

Some players that would’ve made sense for the Mets didn’t even cost that much. The Phillies got Robertson for their #26 prospect. Are you really telling me the Mets weren’t willing to beat that to A) make the themselves better, and B) prevent a division rival from getting better? Come on.

Hopefully the marginal upgrades they made are enough to keep this team on top of the division. This team is great. Barring injuries, they will continue to be great. I don’t want fans to forget that even though there are glaring holes on this roster that will remain unfixed. However, because of the moves the Braves and Phillies made, the NL East is going to be a fight to the finish. Buckle up.

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