Mets stories we hope to see unfold in the 2023 season

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
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The 2023 season comes with hopes and expectations from the entire New York Mets organization and its fans, but also with a lot of pressure. We are entering year three of Steve Cohen's reign, implying that time is running out for them to achieve the goal of winning a World Series in the first five years of his tenure as a team owner.

The team has a well-structured roster, capable of achieving and reaching multiple goals this upcoming season. Also, as fans, there are specific stories that we would like to see unfold in 2023.

1) Mets top prospects Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez fighting for the National League Rookie of the Year Award

The number one and two prospects in the Mets organization and number 3 and 21 in all of baseball, according to MLB Pipeline, Brett Baty and Francisco Alvarez, look practically ready at the plate. Both have the necessary skills to have a sustainable offense in MLB, projecting themselves as All-Stars in their respective careers.

In the case of Alvarez, his greatest weakness continues to be his defense, since his power and discipline at the plate have proven to be elite throughout his career in the minors. In Baty, the Mets have a tremendous player who must refine his defense at third base and reduce his contact via ground ball, which has been fine-tuned over time.

These two players could have a good spring training that leads them to earn a spot on the opening day roster, but everything seems that the Mets prefer to wait for further development. Regardless of when they come up, they have the potential to put up the numbers needed to win the National League Rookie of the Year award. A battle between the two while helping the team win the division would be great for the front office, Steve Cohen, and all the Mets fans.