3 Brett Baty predictions for the 2023 season

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Brett Baty is one of several New York Mets prospects fans are hoping to see a lot more from in 2023. The small taste in 2022 was promising, highlighted by a home run in his first MLB plate appearance against the Atlanta Braves.

Baty is likely to see the field much more in 2023. It’s hard to believe he started last year at Double-A and hardly played in Triple-A at all. Is he ready to contribute regularly for the 2023 Mets? He will need to because these three predictions for him suggest he’s going to be counted on.

1) NY Mets prediction: Brett Baty is promoted in late May and stays in the big leagues

There is a case to have Baty on the Opening Day roster and I kind of like the idea. The Mets have been safe with their younger players. I think we see him held back until someone else either struggles or he gets red hot.

Some regular at-bats for Baty in Triple-A can prepare him better for the major leagues. In late May, I predict he’s called up out of some sort of necessity. When he does get promoted, Baty stays for good.

2) NY Mets prediction: Brett Baty wins an untraditional starting job

Baty will win a starting job for the Mets this year. It won’t be as the starting third baseman. It won’t be as the starting left fielder either. Instead, it’s a more untraditional starting job the Mets find for him.

This year’s Mets team seems to be setting up for some platoons. This means more of Baty regularly against right-handed pitchers. I predict he takes some playing time away from Eduardo Escobar and Mark Canha. Swapping between third base and left field, Baty should be in a rotation of players. I don’t expect Escobar or Canha to be completely unreliable so it’s not a strict platoon but Baty will still replace them often.

3) NY Mets prediction: Brett Baty finishes fifth in the Rookie of the Year voting

Unfortunately, Baty does not win the Rookie of the Year Award. He’s not all that close. A later promotion and not enough plate appearances factor into a fifth place finish. He’ll hit for power but his batting average will not be Rookie of the Year worthy.

Playing time is what damages Baty’s Rookie of the Year case most. A late May promotion plus only about five starts per week means he gets enough at-bats to qualify as a rookie yet not nearly enough to overtake some other candidates.

It’s okay. For a bonus prediction, let’s give Baty a go-ahead home run in the postseason. Because we know he can hit there already, it takes place in Atlanta on an unusually warm October afternoon.

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