3 questions we'd ask Steve Cohen about the Mets if he was given truth serum

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We gave Buck Showalter some truth serum a few weeks ago and asked a couple of questions. Now it’s time to trick New York Mets owner Steve Cohen into getting his injection. We want the truth. We can handle it.

Time is short. We need to pick carefully. There’s only time for three questions. Let’s start asking and see what he says.

1) Question for NY Mets owner Steve Cohen on truth serum: Who is on the hot seat?

It has become a big topic for the Mets and I’m not quite sure how legitimate this hot seat talk is. Buck is supposedly on it. Some have speculated about Billy Eppler needing to do more to save his job. Undoubtedly this means there are more coaches and employees in the analytics department who could be getting fired sooner than later.

I think an honest answer from Cohen may surprise us. As cutthroat as he has been as a businessman, I don’t think Cohen is one to fire people at will.

There is a George Steinbrenner factor with Cohen only in some areas. He’s much softer. He’s a man of the people. The demand for success is there. He has proven to have a human element to him in many of his thoughts.

Steinbrenner was certainly a charitable man, but a confrontational one, too. Cohen, as long as we hand in a legal-binding paper forbidding us from discussing the answers to these questions, might even answer us without the truth serum involved.

I think he’d admit he is disappointed in the results and will believe he has an understanding with Showalter, Eppler, and others how this is unacceptable. In truth, a guy like Eppler is probably shaking in his boots. On the truth serum, Cohen would say he’s going to give them the full year to figure it out with the full intention of getting rid of as many people as possible if they don’t meet his expectations.