Midseason grades for the Mets starting pitchers

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NY Mets midseason grade for Carlos Carrasco: C

Carlos Carrasco has been one of the shakier Mets starters this year. The ironic thing is that he leads the team with 10 wins. His 4.27 ERA through 99 innings of work is far too mediocre for what we had hoped for when the Mets first acquired him. However, after last year’s struggles, it’s a very acceptable run he has had.

Carrasco’s weakness still seems to be the capacity to throw up the occasional stinker. Able to dominate for about six innings one start and get shellacked early in the next, consistency is what we’d like most from Cookie going forward.

He could just as easily end up with a B grade by season’s end as he could a D. Fortunately, the Mets do have starting pitching depth. If things ever do get too bad, they have others that can replace him.

NY Mets midseason grade for Tylor Megill: C-

Tylor Megill was only able to make 9 starts before landing on the IL. He did start the team’s second no-hitter in club history. That has to count for something.

At 4-2 with a 5.01 ERA, Megill gets a C- for his first half. It’s a rather incomplete stretch for the Mets. His 41.1 innings of work is much less than we expected after Megill made the Opening Day start for this ball club.

Perhaps giving him this slightly below-average grade is a little biased. His 3.59 FIP does suggest he was the recipient of some rotten luck. If he can get back on the field for the Mets this year, hopefully he is able to get a little redemption for what is quickly turning into a lost season.

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