The last two Mets starting lineups are signaling the end of Daniel Vogelbach

New York Mets v Atlanta Braves
New York Mets v Atlanta Braves / Kevin C. Cox/GettyImages

No Daniel Vogelbach on Saturday after a day off on Friday versus the lefty. Again, no Daniel Vogelbach in the New York Mets starting lineup on Sunday.

Could this be the end for Vogelbach’s tenure in New York?

Once is nothing. Twice is a pattern. Patterns often have some sort of meaning behind them.

The Mets have the perfect excuse to overplay Daniel Vogelbach and they’re not

Minus Pete Alonso, the Mets have the perfect excuse to play Vogelbach a little too much. He doesn’t even have to grab a glove for the first time and play first base. What he can do is DH versus the righties.

The Mets have wisely decided against it. In need of whatever they could get out of Francisco Lindor, he was the DH choice on Saturday to keep the shortstop’s bat in the lineup and give him a day off from playing defense. On Sunday, it’s Francisco Alvarez whose bat they want to keep in the lineup.

If the Mets aren’t going to start Vogelbach against righties, he serves no purpose at all. It’s what fans have been screaming about for weeks now. Unlike those early season requests to DFA Tommy Pham or Eduardo Escobar, this one has become painfully needed. At least those two can play the field. Each has performed much better of late, too.

The Mets may be giving Vogelbach the courtesy of getting designated for assignment after the road trip. They’re not going to Willie Randolph him. It’s a decision that’ll only take another day to occur and doesn’t really affect Sunday’s game at all. It’s different from DFA’ing a reliever because fresh arms are constantly a need.

The Mets will have a variety of directions they can go if Vogelbach is indeed headed for the DFA line. Does Ronny Mauricio get his shot? Will they call up catcher Michael Perez and let Francisco Alvarez and Omar Narvaez share DH duties?

A majority of Mets fans will be happy with any sort of decision the team makes as long as Vogelbach is no longer on the roster.