6 pitchers who should get every inning possible this spring

New York Mets v Philadelphia Phillies
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4) NY Mets have a big Zach Greene decision to make

One player who will know about his future by Opening Day is Zach Greene. The Rule 5 Draft pick taken from the New York Yankees will either need to be on the 26-man roster to start the year or be moved back to the Bronx. He’ll actually need to stay there all season long. It’s not such a bad thing to begin the year with a Rule 5 Draft pick of any kind as long as you have the space.

Already, it’s looking like Greene’s chances aren’t so good. If the Mets added another veteran reliever without options, it takes away another roster spot they can demote. If the Mets don’t add the coveted free agent or trade candidate we’ve been searching for this offseason, Greene is still a guy with odds stacked against him. Are they really going to have enough patience to keep him around all-year long?

Greene feels more like a short-term project for the Mets than a player they’d keep for the full year. No pitcher has more on the line with the Mets this spring than him.

Fortunately, all it does mean is heading back to the Yankees if he does come up short in impressing management. Greene’s in the same boat as any other Rule 5 Draft pick. The clock has already started ticking. Let’s hope the Mets make the right decision with him. And if it includes him on the Opening Day roster, he has a promise to live up to.