Mets Rule 5 Draft pick has hilarious promise to live up to

New York Mets v Miami Marlins
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In this year’s Rule 5 Draft, the New York Mets snagged a relief pitcher from the New York Yankees. Zach Greene has a good chance of playing for the Mets next season. We know how badly they could use some relief pitchers.

Greene has yet to make his major league debut but is coming off of a very good year in Triple-A for the Yankees. He managed to go 9-0 with a 3.42 ERA in 68.1 innings of work. Already 26, he seems to be worth the pick if only to see if the Mets stole a hidden gem away from the Yankees.

For one extra incentive to see Greene make the Mets roster, his agent made a promise that we all need to hold Greene to.

Mets Rule 5 pick Zach Greene has potential and a Hello Kitty backpack ready for his debut

Fun players in the bullpen? It seems necessary for the Mets who last year put together a relief corps that included the two Trevors, Trevor May and Trevor Williams. The pair are about as fun as it gets. They’re active on social media and like to clown around a bit.

Greene seems to have a little bit of it in him, too. Mets fans aren’t rooting for this team for laughs. Old episodes of Seinfeld can fill that void.

Greene will be in competition with a lot of newcomers to the organization this spring. As a Rule 5 Draft pick, he’ll either have to stay on the MLB roster all year in 2023 or be returned to the Yankees free of charge.

The Mets have spaces to fill. Greene joins the organization with three minor league options left, but because of his Rule 5 selection, none can be used in 2023. Essentially, this means Greene will either make the Opening Day roster or be sent to the Bronx.

If he makes it, expect a Kawaii Day at Citi Field in anticipation of Greene’s first big league pitch. It’ll also be a chance to brush up on our Hello Kitty facts. Did you know she’s actually not a cat and lives in England? Thank you, Netflix documentary The Toys That Made Us.

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