SNY reports the Mets had a discussion about releasing Javier Baez after the thumbs down incident

Miami Marlins v New York Mets
Miami Marlins v New York Mets / Mike Stobe/GettyImages

Yesterday, SNY published a story about how the New York Mets discussed releasing Javier Baez after last summer’s thumbs down incident. Written by Andy Martino, the story is far more about how the Mets and Baez were a close match for a reunion this offseason.

You have to go near the end of the tale to find any mention of Baez being released. All Martino mentions is that it was discussed which could mean something as simple as brought up briefly in a conversation then dismissed immediately.

It's painfully obvious: the Mets really had no serious intentions of releasing Javier Baez

If you’ve made your way onto Martino’s story and somehow managed to navigate downward on the SNY page—am I the only one without a scroll bar on the right?—you’ll see what I mean.

Much of the reporting on this story was about how positive Baez’s locker room presence was and remains during his time with the Detroit Tigers despite his early season slump.

Naturally, Mets fans took to Twitter to roast Martino. In this instance, however, it’s probably not on him. The SNY social media team should get the strike called against them. The whole premise of the story was about Baez’s return to New York, to face the Yankees and his affection for Francisco Lindor. The part about releasing him was a pimple on the page.

This is a study in “don’t just read the Twitter caption.” In fact, while we’re all at it, let’s stop just reading the headline and jumping to conclusions.

While there is truth to the story about the Mets having internal discussions about a release, the source from where it comes definitely has people questioning it. Mets fans and Martino have one of the strangest relationships going. Anything he says is questioned. In this instance, the biggest complaint is about the timing.

The Mets just took dethroned the might Los Angeles Dodgers. Although SNY does produce Yankees content, this wasn’t the kind Mets fans wanted to see on a Monday while sitting with the best record in the National League.

Only days after resurfacing on Twitter again, Martino has been dragged across the proverbial Twitter concrete plenty. With his other stories about Dallas Keuchel, Dominic Smith getting sent down, Aaron Loup, and now Baez, it’s probably time the fans are treated to something positive about the current players on this roster.

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