Andy Martino returns to Twitter with Dallas Keuchel news

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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Where has New York Mets insider Andy Martino been? The man who has become practically the face of SNY—for better or worse—hadn’t tweeted since April 26. People were concerned. There was no acknowledgment of his absence. Isn’t lent over?

Perhaps it was Martino who was behind the whole SNY Twitter beef with Noah Syndergaard. That could answer a lot of questions.

The hiatus ended with Martino sharing a piece of Dallas Keuchel news and his own take on the recently DFA’d lefty:

This wasn’t exactly the greatest comeback of all time but it’s nice to have Martino return. Whether you love or hate him, he is a wealth of information. But that’s not the real story here. If you’ve noticed, Martino has removed the ability for anyone to comment on some of his recent tweets!

Mets insider and the king of Twitter, Andy Martino, is back and he’ll never know how we feel

Mets fans have an interesting relationship with Martino. They—for the most part—aren’t fans. It’s understandable why only if my theory is correct.

Martino’s takes aren’t always the best but everyone has their off-days. What really bothered Mets fans about Martino was the way he managed to always find the block button on social media faster than he has been able to come up with a more reasonable explanation. It’s the same reason why so many baseball fans aren’t Jon Heyman supporters. They would rather someone fight back with them than block them completely.

It doesn’t help that Martino has a reputation as a Wilponite. If there’s one family all Mets fans don’t like, it’s the ones that used to own the team. If you’re with them, you’re against us.

Mets Twitter hasn’t been the same since Martino’s absence. Because of the mystery of it all, we can only speculate but let’s not.

Every wrestler needs to disappear for a couple of months so they can come back with a new gimmick. The Undertaker didn’t suddenly show up riding a motorcycle one day. Maybe upon his comeback to SNY we get a slightly different version of Martino going forward. Will the Corporate Champion now become the People’s Champion? I wouldn’t wager on it.

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