Day one of the David Stearns era includes the return of Pete Alonso trade rumors

Pete Alonso trade rumors are getting stranger.
Philadelphia Phillies v New York Mets
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David Stearns may have said he plans for Pete Alonso to be the first baseman on Opening Day, but we all know better than to believe anything a baseball executive tells us. After all, upon his introduction to the New York Mets fans, was he really going to hint at trying to trade one of the roster's most popular players?

The latest Mets rumors are a rehash of what we already heard. According to Jesse Rogers of ESPN, the Chicago Cubs are not only interested in Alonso, the Polar Bear is hoping to get traded there.

Alonso plays first base and yet these Mets rumors seem to have come from out of left field.

NY Mets rumors: Are we buying Pete Alonso randomly wanting to get traded to the Cubs?

Is Alonso that big of a fan of deep dish pizza, Second City improv, or buying the house from Home Alone? It seems completely random for Alonso to have a desire to join the Cubs specifically while under contract with the Mets. Unless he grew up a Cubs fan, which is unique enough for a Florida kid during a period where the Cubs weren't that great, where is the desire to go there coming from?

There's a difference between wanting a trade and being open to one. Alonso hasn't spoken much about his future other than giving the appropriate stock answers about how much he loves the Mets. How true is it? Alonso would have to be one of the biggest frauds in the sport if he doesn't at least somewhat enjoy wearing orange and blue. He has continually embraced this city, team, and fans. Asking for a trade is something a disgruntled player does. He hasn't seemed too bothered by much and other than false accusations of him being toxic, everything seems copacetic enough. By now, we would have had some inkling of disarray if he really was unhappy or a bad teammate.

It's not as if the Cubs are perennial contenders or close to his hometown. The match exists. The Cubs need a first baseman in the worst way. When the rumors originated over the summer about the Cubs and Milwaukee Brewers checking in on his availability, it made sense. It still does with the exception of the tag about him wanting to end up on the Northside of Chicago.

On the first full day of Mets baseball under David Stearns, the Pete Alonso trade rumors peaked around the corner, licked their chops, and wore a pair of oversized shoes. Something feels lost in translation with these latest Mets rumors about Alonso wanting to go to the Cubs.