5 Mets players under contract for 2024 the fans are ready to move on from

Will we get our wish and see the Mets move on from any of these players?
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Fed up? You’re not alone. The New York Mets season is now over and wholesale changes are a part of the plans many fans wish they could make.

We know that even under Steve Cohen there isn’t going to be a snap of the fingers to correct everything. Some contracts are stuck on his payroll. Other players will, for whatever reason, stick around and bring us more misery.

The front office changes already underway led by David Stearns becoming the new President of Baseball Operations should signal less attachment to the current players. He had zero to do with the building of this team. Maybe he’ll save us from any of these five players under contract for 2024, some through arbitration, and find a way to move on.

1) NY Mets fans have been long ready to move on from Omar Narvaez

Omar Narvaez’s contract includes a player option for 2024 which seems to be an obvious one for him to pick up. It’s going to be impossible for him to earn anywhere close to the $7 million the Mets agreed to pay him if he stuck around for a second season.

The year became lost for Narvaez due to an early injury. He never recovered the playing time he was supposed to get because we had already fallen in love with Francisco Alvarez. There were certainly opportunities along the way for Narvaez to increase his playing time and maybe even become more of a DH option or push Alvarez into that role at times. But because Narvaez had such a miserable campaign, he stuck as the backup catcher.

Numbers for Narvaez this year included a .211/.283/.297 slash line with 2 home runs and 7 RBI in 296 plate appearances. It was actually pretty close to what he produced in twice as many opportunities last year. Maybe this wasn’t such a bad performance for him—it’s just who he is now. This feels like a shorter James McCann contract all over again.