Yankees, Padres both had pre-lockout interest in Michael Conforto

New York Mets v Washington Nationals
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If you’ve been keeping up on the latest post-lockout New York Mets rumors, you will already know Michael Conforto is not at the top of the wish list. Along with Kris Bryant, Andy Martino of SNY reports the club is looking elsewhere to bolster their roster.

For Conforto, the market remains wide open. I think many of us were surprised to see him actually become a viable option for the club. With his name only linked to Mets rumors through nostalgia and history, it’s time to look on from afar to see where he ends up.

Two new teams reportedly interested in Conforto before the lockout re the New York Yankees and San Diego Padres. Could he end up with one of them?

Michael Conforto may have left the Mets rumors circle but he has plenty of teams interested

The NY Post’s Mike Puma is the one who reported on the pre-lockout Conforto rumors to the Yankees. A fear of Mets fans for several years, any time a player goes from one of these New York organizations to the other can bring out a little bit of angst.

The Yankees have had their share of outfield issues in recent seasons. Injuries to Aaron Hicks and Aaron Judge have held them back at times. Giancarlo Stanton’s sudden inability to play the outfield regularly has also been an issue. Conforto may not be a Gold Glove fielder but his history at both corner positions and ability to play center field in an emergency should be intriguing for teams in need of outfield help.

The other team spoiling the Mets rumors involving Conforto, the Padres, have some openings. This news comes courtesy of Kevin Acee of the San Diego Union-Tribute. The added DH to the National League gives teams like them the flexibility to sign someone like Conforto. It’s the reason why I thought those Mets rumors suggesting he could return to Flushing were viable. The Mets could simply use Conforto or Mark Canha in the spot on a regular basis.

I wouldn’t complete cross off Conforto’s name as a possibility for the Mets quite yet. He’s one of those guys who could just as easily sign a huge AAV deal for a season or two or convince a buyer that last year was a fluke. I think the latter will happen. And who knows Conforto better than the Mets?

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