Kris Bryant has fallen off the Mets' radar and so has Michael Conforto

Division Series - San Francisco Giants v Los Angeles Dodgers - Game Three
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The MLB lockout is over! On behalf of everyone at Rising Apple, I want to thank everyone for the last 99 days for grinding through this together. Now let’s talk about some New York Mets rumors.

Kris Bryant. He’s a guy we have heard linked to the Mets for some time. He was a trade candidate in the past. Before the lockout, he was one of the guys we expected to possibly sign with the team.

Throughout the entire 99-day transaction freeze, it seemed like Bryant would rejoin the list of names within Mets rumors. However, according to Andy Martino of SNY, he has gone stealth and is no longer on the radar.

The first post-lockout Mets rumors have the team turning away from Kris Bryant and another familiar name

It’s not such a bad thing for the focus of the first post-lockout Mets rumors to be aimed in a direction other than Bryant. The team could, conceivably, field a winning roster without him. They have Eduardo Escobar to play third base. All three outfield positions are filled. Even the newly adopted DH could be occupied without the addition of a player like Bryant.

In addition to Bryant, Martino notes that the Mets probably aren’t headed toward a reunion with Michael Conforto. I guess when you buy those farewell balloons, you want them to have some meaning.

With any kinds of MLB rumors, it’s always important to note where they are coming from as one insider may have knowledge different from someone else’s. Not long ago, Jon Heyman reported that the Mets’ wish list included a starting pitcher and a left-handed bat. This does match up with what Martino is saying. Conforto isn’t the only lefty hitter out there.

In free agency, the Mets should look to add at least one of the available relievers. I find they are tougher to trade for. Not because they have a lot of value necessarily. They’re the box of chocolates in Major League Baseball; you never know what you’re going to get. Don’t give up anything more than money to make it happen.

The MLB free agency period is expected to be fast and furious. According to these latest Mets rumors, we might not hear the name Bryant—or even Conforto—again when it comes to the ball club in Flushing.

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