3 offseason Mets free agent targets we'll be grateful they didn't sign, 2 we will wish they did

Championship Series - Houston Astros v New York Yankees - Game Three
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4) The NY Mets should have offered a little more for Andrew McCutchen

I’m beginning to think Billy Eppler just doesn’t like Andrews. Andrew McCutchen is one of those Andrews the Mets didn’t end up signing. There is a reasonable explanation for it, but something could have probably been done about it.

Prior to signing Tommy Pham, the Mets were in on McCutchen. The 2013 NL MVP returned to the Pittsburgh Pirates on a one-year deal worth $5 million. Likely the last contract he’ll get, missing out on him is mostly about two things he’d bring with him to Queens.

McCutchen’s numbers are way down in recent years but the power is present. He hit 27 home runs back in 2021 with the Philadelphia Phillies. Even last season with the Milwaukee Brewers he managed to work on his home run trot regularly. He added 17 more to his now 200+ in his career.

The problem with signing McCutchen is the amount of playing time he would have gotten. As a fourth outfielder, McCutchen would have started on rare occasions. He could have been a strong platoon partner of Daniel Vogelbach and strong supplement for Mark Canha in left field.

Instead, McCutchen will ride out this season with the Pirates. In July, the team will ask if it’s okay if they trade him to a contender. McCutchen would be wise to accept a deal to the Mets or anyone else in the playoff race. One thing he hasn’t done is win a World Series. In fact, McCutchen’s teams haven’t made it beyond the Divisional Series. Would a few million more bucks have made the difference?