3 former Mets free agent targets we can revisit at the trade deadline

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Many of the best free agent fits for the New York Mets are off the board. The team has room to improve before Opening Day. At the trade deadline, they can always revisit a few of those offseason free agents who slipped away.

Months from now, those old Mets rumors and speculation from fans who had interest in these three could re-emerge. All three are on teams with a questionable outlook. Could they end up traded to the Mets in the middle of the 2023 season?

1) NY Mets free agent target to revisit at the trade deadline: Andrew McCutchen

For both name value and what he could bring to the team, many Mets fans were hoping to see the club sign Andrew McCutchen this offseason. Unfortunately, playing time and maybe a homecoming as well were more important to McCutchen. He went back to the Pittsburgh Pirates.

Despite rumors of the Mets making him a better offer than the Pirates, he chose a different team. It’s not the first time this has happened. You may recall Steven Matz and Kevin Gausman doing the same in the winter of 2021-2022.

This doesn’t mean it’s the end of McCutchen. He should remain on the Mets’ radar throughout the year. It doesn’t matter what they do before now and the start of the season. McCutchen is a guy they can plug into a corner outfield spot due to injury or poor performance. He may also end up as a needed improvement to the DH spot in the lineup.

It’s safe to assume the Pirates won’t be making the playoffs in 2023. When they slip out of it by the trade deadline, revisiting McCutchen as an option is something the Mets may end up doing.