3 potential trade destinations for Dominic Smith

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3) NY Mets rumors: Colorado Rockies are a trade destination for Dominic Smith

The Colorado Rockies could be a potential destination for Dominic Smith. Needless to say, it would cost more than just Smith to acquire All-Star C.J. Cron from them. However, that wouldn’t eliminate the possibility of the Rockies having some interest in Smith. With Daniel Vogelbach now on the roster, Cron feels far less likely to end up in Flushing.

Smith would have to see his numbers pop as a member of the Rockies as many hitters will experience—Cron included. If the team is wisely looking to capitalize on the success of Cron in 2022 and trade him before the deadline, it could make some sense for them to get younger and see if Smith can rebound with the benefit of Coors Field 81 times a season.

Cron’s name has already come up in Mets rumors so the start of talks between these two clubs may have already begun. Even if he ends up with a different team, the Rockies are a candidate to add Smith as a replacement for Cron.

Because first base is a deep position around the league yet not one you necessarily need much depth with on your own roster, a team will need to have maneuverability with Smith on their own roster or at least a little patience.

The Rockies are an interesting team to trade with right now because they stopped their rebuild dead in its tracks when they signed Kris Bryant during the offseason. Could they have an interest in a project like Smith?

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