3 best All-Star fits Mets GM Billy Eppler should trade for

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2) NY Mets should trade for All-Star C.J. Cron

A more DH exclusive player for the Mets to target in a trade that is on this year’s All-Star team is C.J. Cron. The first baseman of the Colorado Rockies is becoming a serious candidate for the Mets to consider. While far less flexible as a defender than Happ, he might be exactly what they need hitting in the middle of the order.

Cron has been a power-hitter throughout his career with 30 home runs in 2018 for the Tampa Bay Rays topping his single-season total. Last year, with the Rockies, he smacked 28 and drove in 92 while hitting .281/.375/.530. He is on-pace to hit more dingers this season and possibly even finish with a better batting average and slugging percentage.

Limited to only first base and under contract through next season, the Mets would either be committed to him for another year or have to look to move him in the offseason. One interesting idea could be for them to use this as a chance to trade Dominic Smith. The Rockies would get younger at the position and the Mets would get a more productive player for the present. It would cost more than Smith to land Cron whose value right now is only going to grow with his All-Star selection.