Mets could still add two more big players and approach a $300 million payroll

New York Mets v Cincinnati Reds
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The New York Mets aren’t just ready to spend money. They’re ready to go for broke. The latest offseason Mets rumors come at a point where the biggest question about the upcoming season is when it’ll get started. The lockout still ongoing, we did get a piece of positivity courtesy of Jon Heyman.

According to him, the Mets might consider signing two big free agents. One would be a starting pitcher and the other would be a bat. As he further points out, this could raise the payroll close to $300 million.

Buckle up for some exciting Mets rumors when the lockout ends

In a normal offseason, the Mets might be done with significant moves. Nothing is normal about this winter. Owner Steve Cohen appears ready to spend to the point where there is no excuse left not to win it all.

The Mets have made large offers to some players that didn’t even end up with the team. Kevin Gausman and Steven Matz each turned them down. However, they did end up with Max Scherzer in the end so who’s crying?

A big bat and an arm from free agency would put this Mets offseason into a new realm. It could very well end up being the best offseason of all as long as the results on the field translate to what they look like on paper.

The MLB lockout has put many Mets rumors on hold. Normally, by early February, we’re talking about finishing touches.

Last February, the Mets signed free agents Albert Almora, Kevin Pillar, Jonthan Villar, and Taijuan Walker. The three position players were meant to round out the bench while Walker’s role was to fill out the back of the rotation. This February, as long as the lockout is finally settled, we could see the Mets make far more significant signings.

According to Spotrac, the Mets have a team payroll of $235.5 million for the active 26-man roster. This includes only estimates for the arbitration-eligible players. With all of the other numbers added in from the minor league contracts and surcharge for going over the luxury tax, the estimated payroll and tax bill is already over $284 million.

This is exactly what Mets fans dreamed of when Cohen took over the team. He ain’t afraid of spending money. And if there’s any truth to these latest Mets rumors, spend they shall do.

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